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If You Have Chronic Back Pain, Chiropractic Care Should Be Part of Your Wellness Routine

If You Have Chronic Back Pain, Chiropractic Care Should Be Part of Your Wellness Routine

If you have chronic back pain, you’re far from alone. Nearly 65 million Americans report having had a recent episode of back pain, with eight percent of them having chronic back pain. This often disabling condition leads to countless days of missed work and limits your activities.

While you may have a number of strategies to try to cope with your chronic back pain, you should really consider including chiropractic care in your wellness regimen. The providers at Nutura Clinic in Portland, Oregon, explain more about how chiropractic adjustments can benefit your chronic back pain.

What’s considered chronic back pain?

You may wonder if your back pain is really bad enough to be considered “chronic.” The truth is that if your back pain interferes with your life on a frequent basis, it can probably be classified as chronic back pain that requires some treatment.

Back pain may develop after an injury or surgery, or it may occur spontaneously. Often, back pain occurs long after an injury. Even though the injury is no longer acute, the nerves may “misfire” and send pain signals to your body. 

If your back pain interferes with your life, you may need to see a specialist to help you manage the pain so that you can get on with your daily activities.

Why you should consider chiropractic care

Although most people with back pain seek treatment from traditional practitioners, many people are more satisfied with the care they receive from chiropractic practitioners.

According to a Georgetown study, people who get chiropractic treatment to manage their back pain are more satisfied with their care than patients who see traditional physicians. Part of the reason for this is because they feel they receive more information about their condition, learn more about self-care, and get better explanations.

What chiropractic care includes

Back pain is known for being difficult to treat. Many patients try different treatments with little success and may even feel more depressed about their health. Part of a wellness program for back pain includes:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can help your back pain in many ways. One way it can help you is by strengthening your core, which can provide better support to your back muscles.

Some of the physical therapy exercises you may do to strengthen your back include stretches, posture exercises, flexibility training, aerobics, and pain limitation testing.


Biofeedback uses relaxation techniques to create changes in your muscle functions. Your provider can measure these changes using special monitoring machines that provide data about your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, skin temperature, and brain waves.

You can gradually learn to create these changes on your own by practicing the same relaxation techniques. As you perform these techniques more often, you can actually experience less pain.

Spinal manipulation

When you have conditions such as where one vertebrae slips underneath the other, you can feel a great deal of pain. But when you get spinal manipulation from our providers, the vertebrae can be placed back in proper alignment again — which can provide you a lot of relief.

If you have chronic back pain, you may wonder how you can ever get effective relief. Instead of looking for answers from traditional physicians who may only prescribe pills, you might want to consider seeking help from a chiropractor. Contact the providers at Nutura Clinic by phone or request an appointment online today.

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