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Take Control of Your Health

When patients choose Nutura Clinic, you’re choosing a new perspective on health care. We believe in a holistic approach and focus on you as an individual. We spend time with you, listening to your history, and assessing all the factors that affect your wellness - the kind of care we would want if we were the patient. We have a dedicated team here at Nutura Clinic, we want to create the best treatment plan for your health and lifestyle. 


Naturopathic Care

Our Naturopathic physicians are trained as primary care providers with an understanding of conventional and natural medicine. We diagnose, treat, and manage patients with the understanding there is no one-size-fits-all treatment that works for everybody. We are devoted to providing highly individualized care, including nutrition services and applied kinesiology, to each patient to discover the underlying causes of health complaints. 


Chiropractor Care

Our Chiropractic Physician use integrative medicine based on natural pain solutions. We offer a wide range of convenient, on-site services, including chiropractic care, medical massage, physical therapy, applied kinesiology, injury rehabilitation, and chronic pain solutions. We specialize in pain relief after an accident, injury, solutions for chronic pain, or preventative care.


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"Living a better life, by a healthier approach to your health. We believe our patient's health is most important to ensuring they live a valuable life."



Late Policy

Our appointments are scheduled in 30 minute or 1-hour blocks. Our team will inform you on the appropriate time block. If you need to change your appointment meeting length, please inform us prior to your visit. Please note this might lead to rescheduling your appointment.

Patients are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to their appointment. If a patient arrives late for their appointment, the patient will be given the option of either being seen that day as a walk-in, if the schedule permits, or rescheduled for a later date. This process will ensure patients that do arrive on time are seen in a timely manner.




Insurance Accepted

Please contact our office for more information about our insurance coverage.

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Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.

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