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When patients choose Nutura Clinic, you’re choosing a new perspective on health care. We believe in a holistic approach and focus on you as an individual. We spend time with you, listening to your history, and assessing all the factors that affect your wellness - the kind of care we would want if we were the patient. We have a dedicated team here at Nutura Clinic, we want to create the best treatment plan for your health and lifestyle. It is our goal to do the following:

Listen to you and get curious about your symptoms, and what are your symptoms trying to tell you? We work to understand the root cause of every symptom.

Treat the cause of your symptoms using holistic modalities. Finding the best treatment plan for YOUR body.

Go beyond and build a relationship to help you to thrive and live your best life. Life is too short to not feel your best.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Nutura Clinis is proud to serve the Portland community. We have a variety of services offered to meet your unique needs. We believe in providing the very best healthcare for our patients.  Because every person is different there is no “one size fits all” treatment for any given medical condition.  Integrative Medicine combines effective solutions from the worlds of natural medicine, conventional medicine, alternative and complementary treatments…we basically use whatever works for YOU.  Our goal is to fix the problem, not just cover up symptoms with drugs.

We are lucky to offer a wide and diverse variety of practitioners.  We have a lot of tools in our toolbox!  Please take a look at our staff list and see what Nutura Clinic has to offer.

We offer both in-person and telehealth options for your visits.

Late Policy

We are proud to provide our patients with some of the highest quality and most accessible care in the province. We respect our patients’ time and therefore strive to run on time. However, when patients are late for appointments, it disrupts the flow of the entire office. This causes other visits to be rushed and run behind, which is not fair nor safe to other patients. Therefore, we have developed a Late Policy:  


1. If a patient arrives less than 10 minutes late for an appointment: The patient will still be seen. However, the visit will be cut short. For example, if the patient expected to discuss a few different issues in that one visit, there may only be time to discuss one issue.  


2. If a patient arrives 10 or more minutes late for an appointment: Depending on the situation, the patient may not be seen and may have to reschedule the visit. A fee for a missed appointment will apply in the amount of $85  


3. Patients that “no show” or do not cancel 24 hours prior to their appointment time may be assessed an appointment charge of $85. This charge is your responsibility.

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