Acupuncture is one of the main modalities used in CM for both treating various ailments and maintaining health. An acupuncturist inserts very fine sterile disposable needles into the patient’s skin at multiple “acupoints.” The needles restore balance among organ systems and open up blockages of Blood and Qi. Acupuncture has been proven very effective for pain relief. Research shows that acupuncture triggers the nervous system to release beta-endorphins, the “feel good chemicals.” Acupuncture points are chosen according to your specific CM diagnoses and locations of pain. Once the needles are in, most of our patients feel a sense of deep relaxation & even sleepiness!



Comprehensive Chinese medicine consultation + acupuncture (initial visit) $325 + lab fees (if applicable)

Acupuncture Appointment (follow-up) $149.00

Acupuncture Package: 3 session 60-minute Appt. $399.00

Acupuncture Package: 5 session 60-minute Appt. $599.00