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What Does a Lymphatic Massage Feel Like?

What Does a Lymphatic Massage Feel Like?

Lymphatic massages have gained popularity in recent years as more news outlets and celebrities tout the benefits of the practice. The primary purpose of this type of massage, which differs from a relaxation or sports-type massage, is to detoxify your body by draining lymph fluid buildup.

Another primary purpose is to reduce lymphedema, which can cause pain, weakness, and infection. Other benefits of this type of massage include decreased inflammation, a boosted immune system, and better sleep. 

At Nutura Clinic in Portland, Oregon, our trained providers offer a consultation and various packages of lymphatic massage therapy to help you boost your health. 

Understanding your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels, nodes, and organs that help keep your body fluids balanced and toxin-free. The system transports lymph, which is made up of fluid and wastes. Your lymphatic system makes sure your lymph is free of waste before it makes its way back into your blood system. 

When your lymphatic system is blocked or sluggish, or lymph nodes are removed due to breast cancer surgery, fluid can build up in your system, leading to swelling, inflammation, and pain.

A lymphatic massage is a specialized technique designed to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid, helping to remove waste and toxins while promoting a healthy immune system.

What to expect during a lymphatic massage

While a lymphatic massage differs from the more commonly known Swedish or deep tissue massage, it can still be relaxing. The difference lies in the purpose: A relaxing massage is intended to stimulate your muscles, and a lymphatic massage is intended to stimulate your lymphatic system.

At Nutura Clinic, our providers first ensure that you’re comfortable. Then, they use light, gentle, and rhythmic movements to manipulate your body tissues and encourage your body to move fluids through muscles and tissue. Most patients report feelings of deep calm and relaxation.

Some people experience swelling and inflammation in their arms and legs, and others feel it in their jaw, groin, or armpits. A lymphatic massage works all parts of your system. 

The end result of the massage is that toxins stored in your tissues flow out of your system, leading to a strengthened immune system and balanced body fluids. An added benefit is that you may feel temporarily lighter and slimmer as excess fluids are flushed from your body. 

Are you ready to try a lymphatic massage? Contact Nutura Clinic to learn more about the benefits of this type of massage or make an appointment for a consultation by calling our office or requesting an appointment online today.

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