Dr. Rachael O'Connell, ND Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Rachael O'Connell is a naturopathic doctor who works collaboratively with her patients on managing a variety of health challenges including fatigue, metabolic and endocrine disorders, chronic pain and disease, inflammation, digestive problems, sports injuries, and more. Dr. O’Connell has a strong focus in endocrine disorders, in particular female hormone imbalance. She takes pride in helping women and girls have body literacy and healthy cycles so they can be free of the pain and anxiety that come with hormone disruption and imbalance.


List of services provided by Dr. OConnell

Compassionate Individualized Care for Adults, Teens, and Tweens

Metabolic & Endocrine Disorder Evaluation & Treatment

Female Hormone Balancing & Period Literacy

Female Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, Menopause Support & Relief

Male Hormone Balancing (non-prescriptive)

Thyroid Health & Hashimoto’s Evaluation & Treatment

Diabetes Testing & Treatment

Autoimmune Disease Evaluation & Support

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Adrenal Support

Preventative Care, Wellness, Screening Labs, STI Labs

Medication Reduction Support

Lifestyle Counseling & Coaching

Clinical Nutrition & Non-Judgmental Weight Management

Botanical Herbal Medicine

Individualized Nutritional Supplementation

Food Sensitivity & Micronutrient Deficiency Testing

Direct-to-Patient Specialty Labs Including DUTCH Testing


In-Person Clinical Services:

Prolotherapy Injections for Most Peripheral Joints such as the Knee

Trigger Point Injections for Neck & Back Pain, Muscle Spasm

Applied Kinesiology (NRT) Muscle Testing


Virtual Appointments Are Available for All Oregonians


Education & Experience

Through her personal and professional experiences, Dr. O'Connell is uniquely equipped to compassionately and effectively help people from all walks of life gain control over their health and bring peace to their bodies.

Dr. O'Connell graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Nutrition Science from Kaplan University in 2013. During her time there, she mastered the importance of nutrition and biochemistry for optimal human health.

Her interest in integrated medicine led her to Arizona where she attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, earning her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND). At SCNM, Dr. O'Connell interned with leaders in the field of regenerative and physical medicine, learning fundamental and cutting-edge pain relief strategies. Dr. O'Connell has additional training in rheumatology, endocrinology, functional neurology, IV therapy, and metabolic disease.

Following graduation from SCNM, Dr. O'Connell was accepted to a rigorous, highly specialized interventional orthopedics and pain residency in Beaverton, Oregon. There she trained in precision orthopedic diagnostics and image-guided musculoskeletal injection therapies. She is a current member of the Naturopathic Orthopedic Medicine Academy.

Currently, Dr. O’Connell is working toward becoming board certified as a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Endocrinology with the EndoANP. She has an ongoing interest specializing in endocrine disorder management having seen many patients get relief and heal from a variety of endocrine disorders in her practice over the years.

Personal Interests

Dr. O'Connell balances her life by continuing to paint, draw, shoot photography, make funny videos, sing in her church's praise band, volunteer as a high school girls youth leader, and practice Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu. She lives in Portland with her husband Kevin and three cats, Teddy, Tommy, and Dewey. She loves cooking and baking, watching movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and collecting memes.

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