Naturopathic Medicine

At Nutura Clinic, our providers apply their expertise to give patients quality, natural care for acute and chronic conditions. They use naturopathic medicine to remove obstacles to your healing and to help you lead a balanced life. By spending ample time to thoroughly understand each patient’s unique body chemistry, environmental conditions and lifestyle, our providers can prescribe customized plans to help people live life at their optimal level. With an emphasis on prevention, naturopathic medicine uses a blend of ancient and modern methods to encourage inherent self-healing and longevity.

Naturopathic Medicine treats the body holistically using various modalities including clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing, Nutrition Response Testing, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine, IV treatments, minor surgery, massage therapy, homeopathy, dietary & lifestyle advice, and prescription medication.

Services Provided: 

List of services provided by our providers

Family Care over 5 years old
Preventative Care, Wellness Visits, Annual Exams, Screening Labs
Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain: Dextrose Prolotherapy
Conventional Interventional Pain Injections: Corticosteroid,
Visco-Supplement, Nerve Block
Ultrasound-Guided Injections: Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Elbow, Wrist/Hand, Foot/Ankle                                                                                                     Applied Kinesiology (Muslce Testing)
Trigger Point Injections for Neck & Back Pain/Spasm
Women’s Health, Gynecological Exams, PAP
Hormone Balancing & Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
Applied Kinesiology (NRT) Muscle Testing
Clinical Nutrition & Weight Management
Lifestyle Counseling
Botanical Medicine, Individualized Nutritional Supplementation
IV Nutrient Therapy & Vitamin Injections
Minor Surgery: Skin Biopsy, Skin Tag Removal, Cyst Drainage/Removal
Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing
Micronutrient Deficiency Testing
Diabetes Testing & Management
Supportive & Collaborative Care With Your Behavioral/Mental Health Providers

What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine applies specific principles and natural-based remedies to deliver safe, effective healing. Naturopathic doctors consider you as a whole person and might prescribe treatments like herbal remedies or sleep management techniques to help improve your sense of wellbeing. 

Conversely, pharmaceutical-based medicine often focuses on masking your symptoms without addressing their root cause. 

The Nutura Clinic team uses this form of medicine to assess you holistically, identify the cause for any illnesses or imbalances you’re experiencing, and then apply treatment to correct them. In many cases, the treatment aims to remove obstacles, allowing your body’s natural healing processes to do the recovery work needed for you to feel your best.  

What are the principles of naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine providers like the team at Nutura Clinic abide by key principles:

The healing power of nature

Naturopaths acknowledge that the body has innate healing power and strive to eliminate any barriers preventing it from doing its natural healing work. 

Identify and treat the causes

Rather than merely addressing symptoms, your Nutura Clinic naturopath works with you to find the root cause of those symptoms. 

First, do no harm

Naturopaths work hard to offer treatment with little to no adverse side effects. They also avoid covering symptoms when doing so could cause you harm. 

Doctor as teacher

Naturopaths believe the healing process is a partnership. Your Nutura Clinic provider works to empower and educate you so you can collaborate with them. 

Treat the whole person

Naturopathic medicine acknowledges that your body works together as a whole. As a result, your provider takes a holistic approach in both diagnosing and treating your condition. 


Naturopathic medicine doesn’t just treat conditions. It also helps you give your body what it needs to feel and function its best. Your Nutura Clinic provider works with you to prevent diseases, especially those for which you may have a heightened risk (e.g., conditions for which you have a genetic predisposition). 

Who can benefit from naturopathic medicine?

Anyone who wants holistic care that supports their body in functioning its best can benefit from naturopathic medicine. Whether you have a specific injury or condition that requires treatment or you’re looking for general wellness support, the team at Nutura Clinic applies this approach to help you lead your healthiest life. 

To get started with naturopathic medicine, call the office or book an appointment online today. 

Primary Care:

Why is it important to have a primary care physician?

Having a primary care physician is an essential aspect of preventive medical care. Not only does it enable your physician to develop a baseline of your general health, but it also enables them to detect potential health problems before they become severe and result in serious health complications.

Your primary care physician partners with you on your health care journey, helping you manage chronic conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Their goal is to work with you to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

What can I expect during a primary care appointment?

When you partner with the team at Nutura Clinic, you can expect more than a 15-minute office visit and a prescription. Your physician spends quality time with each patient, giving you the necessary time to receive personalized care that's designed to engage you in your health and wellness routines. 

Regular primary care appointments generally include:

  • Reviewing your current health for potential issues
  • Capturing vitals like heart rate, weight, and blood pressure
  • Discussing your family history to see if you're at increased risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol
  • Vaccinations or flu shots

The team at Nutura Clinic considers essential aspects of whole-body wellness like regular exercise, sleep, and lifestyle factors when acting as your primary care physician.

What services do primary care physicians provide?

At Nutura Clinic, the team provides a broad spectrum of primary care services, including routine care, pediatric primary care, and physical exams. Their team can also recommend health care services like STD testing and preventive care specific to men's and women's health, such as prostate and cervical cancer screenings, as needed. 

The providers at Nutura Clinic use naturopathic medicine to get to the source of your condition and create a treatment plan designed to keep you healthy. This means that they rely on natural remedies to help your body heal and restore itself. 

They may recommend treatments that include herbal medicines, massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, exercises, and nutritional counseling to help you achieve optimal wellness.

If you require primary care services, call Nutura Clinic today to request an appointment. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online at any time. 

Hormone Therapy: 

How does aging affect hormone levels?

Over the years, your body slows its production of critical substances. It makes less collagen, the protein that keeps your skin tight and elastic, for example. Aging also affects your endocrine system, the network of glands throughout your body that create hormones, and results in the decreased production of specific hormones. For women, this most notably means a decrease in estrogen and progesterone. For men, it means less testosterone. 

The gradual decline in hormone production can create a slow increase in unwanted symptoms. These symptoms may include:

  • Sleep problems
  • Mood changes
  • Low libido
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence in women
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Anxiety

If you’ve noticed changes in your body over the years, don’t hesitate to talk to your Nutura Clinic provider about them. They can help you decide if hormone therapy is right for you. 

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is a treatment that introduces supplemental hormones to your body. It can do this in several ways. 

  • Pill
  • Patch
  • Injection
  • Implanted pellet 

By adding hormones to your system, you can replenish your levels to what they were before aging started to impact your endocrine system. With your hormone levels replenished, the symptoms you were feeling start to dissipate. Your Nutura Clinic provider partners with you to find the right amount of hormone therapy to keep your body balanced. 

Who can benefit from hormone therapy?

Medical practitioners most commonly recommend hormone therapy for women who are premenopausal or going through menopause. This season marks a significant shift in estrogen and progesterone production for women, causing wide-ranging symptoms. With hormone therapy, women have the means to keep their bodies balanced — and unwelcome symptoms at bay — through menopause and beyond. 

Hormone therapy isn’t just for women. Men who notice changes throughout the years, particularly changes that affect their sexual wellness, can turn back the clock with this treatment. 

Whatever bodily, mood, or overall wellness changes you’re experiencing, don’t wait to talk to your Nutura Clinic provider. To find out if hormone therapy is right for you, schedule an appointment with your Nutura Clinic provider by calling the office or booking online today. 

Women’s Health:

What is women’s health?

As a woman, there are key differences between your health and the health of the men in your life. Women’s health refers to the conditions that specifically affect women and the organs unique to them. Even situations that men and women both encounter affect women differently or at different rates. 

At Nutura Clinic, the team understands women’s health at all stages of life. Whether you’re struggling with hormone loss or would simply like to improve your health as a preventive measure against certain conditions, the team can help you create a personalized, comprehensive wellness plan with natural remedies and treatments to help you reach your goals.

Which conditions affect women’s health?

When people think of women’s health, they often think of sexual and reproductive health first. Your reproductive organs are vastly different than men’s and require gender-specific care and maintenance. At Nutura Clinic, the team can help you manage conditions affecting your sexual and reproductive health and other conditions that affect women disproportionately or differently than men. Naturopathic treatments can help treat or manage:

  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stress
  • Heart problems
  • Infertility

During your consultation, the team completes a physical examination and asks about your health. They might also perform diagnostic tests and services like X-rays or blood testing. These tools can help them plan your treatment more effectively. 

Which treatments and services can benefit women’s health?

Nutura Clinic provides a wide range of treatments and services to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. They customize your treatment plan according to the specific goals you want to meet. Depending on your needs, your women’s health treatment plan might involve:

Herbal medicine

The team may recommend certain herbal supplements, teas, or topicals made from plant-based ingredients to reduce inflammation, nausea, and other symptoms associated with your health condition. 

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is a treatment for symptoms of perimenopause. During perimenopause, your female hormones like estrogen and progesterone dwindle and cause symptoms like hot flashes, sleep problems, and low libido. Replacing these hormones with hormone therapy can improve your quality of life and ease the transition into menopause. 

Nutritional counseling

In many cases, you can ease your symptoms and significantly improve your physical or mental wellbeing with a few changes to your diet. The on-staff wellness nutritionist at Nutura Clinic can coach you about what you eat and make sure you get the nutrients you need. 

Massage therapy

The team at Nutura Clinic uses a range of massage therapy techniques to manipulate your muscles and tissues, improve your circulation, relieve pain, and help you relax. 

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care aims to balance your body by restoring your spinal alignment. The team might add chiropractic care to your treatment plan to ease pain and stiffness throughout your body.

To find out more about naturopathic treatments for women’s health, call Nutura Clinic, or book an appointment online today.

Mental Health:

Why is mental health important?

Mental health is an umbrella term that includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Your mental health affects the way you think, feel, and act and also helps determine how you handle stress and make decisions. 

Living with an undiagnosed mental illness can significantly impact your quality of life. For example, if you have severe depression, you might stop going to work or lose interest in activities you used to enjoy.

What are some common symptoms of mental health problems?

The signs and symptoms of mental health problems vary depending on the type of disorder you have. Typically, mental health problems affect your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

Some common signs of mental health problems include:

  • Feelings of sadness
  • Confusion
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anger or hostility

Mental health problems can also affect your physical health. For example, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, you may also experience an upset stomach, back pain, or headaches. 

When should I visit the doctor regarding my mental health?

If you notice a significant change in your emotions or outlook on life, and it persists for days or even weeks at a time, it