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Nutura Clinic

Integrative Medicine located in Portland, OR

Saba Jhaveri, ND, and the team of naturopathic specialists at Nutura Clinic apply their expertise to give their patients quality, natural care for acute and chronic conditions. At the office in Portland, Oregon, they use naturopathic medicine to remove obstacles to your healing and to help you lead a balanced life. For care for a specific condition or support for your overall health and wellness, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Naturopathic Medicine Q & A

What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine applies specific principles and natural-based remedies to deliver safe, effective healing. Naturopathic doctors consider you as a whole person and might prescribe treatments like herbal remedies or sleep management techniques to help improve your sense of wellbeing. 

Conversely, pharmaceutical-based medicine often focuses on masking your symptoms without addressing their root cause. 

The Nutura Clinic team uses this form of medicine to assess you holistically, identify the cause for any illnesses or imbalances you’re experiencing, and then apply treatment to correct them. In many cases, the treatment aims to remove obstacles, allowing your body’s natural healing processes to do the recovery work needed for you to feel your best.  

What are the principles of naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine providers like the team at Nutura Clinic abide by key principles:

The healing power of nature

Naturopaths acknowledge that the body has innate healing power and strive to eliminate any barriers preventing it from doing its natural healing work. 

Identify and treat the causes

Rather than merely addressing symptoms, your Nutura Clinic naturopath works with you to find the root cause of those symptoms. 

First, do no harm

Naturopaths work hard to offer treatment with little to no adverse side effects. They also avoid covering symptoms when doing so could cause you harm. 

Doctor as teacher

Naturopaths believe the healing process is a partnership. Your Nutura Clinic provider works to empower and educate you so you can collaborate with them. 

Treat the whole person

Naturopathic medicine acknowledges that your body works together as a whole. As a result, your provider takes a holistic approach in both diagnosing and treating your condition. 


Naturopathic medicine doesn’t just treat conditions. It also helps you give your body what it needs to feel and function its best. Your Nutura Clinic provider works with you to prevent diseases, especially those for which you may have a heightened risk (e.g., conditions for which you have a genetic predisposition). 

Who can benefit from naturopathic medicine?

Anyone who wants holistic care that supports their body in functioning its best can benefit from naturopathic medicine. Whether you have a specific injury or condition that requires treatment or you’re looking for general wellness support, the team at Nutura Clinic applies this approach to help you lead your healthiest life. 

To get started with naturopathic medicine, call the office or book an appointment online today.